Responsibilities and warranties on registering devices

I confirm that I have purchased indicated subscriber unit by me lawfully, on the basics established by law; also notified of liability for the illegal (unlawful/unscrupulous) acquisition of another's property.

In the event of a claim from third parties for the illegal registration of a subscriber unit in my name:

  • I agree to block / unregister a subscriber device by decision of KaR-Tel LLP;
  • I undertake, upon request, KaR-Tel LLP to come to the service office;
  • I undertake to regulate all claims by myself, and in case of impossibility to regulate, I undertake to reimburse KaR-Tel LLP for all expenses associated with the regulation of such claims, including but not limited to reimbursement of legal expenses and any material recoveries from KaR-Tel LLP;
  • I express my consent to the issuance of my personal data to the person from whom the claim for registration of the subscriber device was received.