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Being part of IZI means living with flair and style

Every day we work to make people's lives more exciting and diverse

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What does it mean to live with flair and style? Watch the video and get IZI vibes

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IZI team

It comprises young and ambitious individuals transforming the mobile communication and entertainment market. We write code, design interfaces, promote the brand, create podcasts, build business processes, assist customers, research, and analyze.

As the application expands and new directions emerge, we seek individuals with similar values

All vacancies

People love IZI for



We value people more than rules.

You can test it and share the results if you have an idea. Nobody will tell you how to do your job better.



We are fearless in assigning big projects to newcomers or interns and always assist in case of difficulties.

We set personal and team goals, plan, and take responsibility for the outcomes.



We create the IZI app for people who are similar to us.

Whether you want to come to the office or work from home is up to you. Don't like how something works? Let's change it together!

IZI consists of four teams



The IZI Support Team is the perfect place to start your career.

Here, you will learn to work in a team and be customer-oriented. Senior colleagues will teach you how to communicate in chats and find solutions in various situations.

If you are proficient in speaking and writing in Kazakh, Russian, or English, and you want to help people and learn new things, apply for vacancies in the Support Team



The Marketing Team comprises brand managers, designers, editors, analysts, traffic specialists, and social media specialists.

We promote the application by creating the IZI brand identity, writing texts, taking photos and videos, managing social media accounts, creating feature and service names, conducting advertising campaigns, and researching the market.

And we also create memes, design branded merchandise, and sticker packs for Telegram


IZI Studio

IZI Studio is all about mad energy and creativity.

The Studio Team creates unique Kazakhstani content: podcasts with psychologists, shows with standup comedians, interviews with musicians, actors, and entrepreneurs. We host singers Say Mo and Dequine, comedians Veronika Kim and Fima Ivanov, producer Timur Balymbetov, filmmaker Adilkhan Yerzhanov, and journalist Askhat Niyazov.

We keep driving forward and have started IZI Radio, where plunge into music genres - from fiery 80s disco to melancholic Japanese shoegaze, from old-school hip-hop to DJ sets by young Kazakhstani DJs.

IZI Studio welcomes fresh talents: producers, journalists, DJs, camera operators, hosts, video editors.



We develop and support all products ourselves. Product teams in IZI divide into two primary directions: Neotelecom and Teletainment.

The technology stack of the development team:product
Developers, analysts, testers, product managers, and designers work according to the Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe.