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Promo "Invite friends"

Bring friends and get bonuses

We give izi customers 5 Gb for each friend brought to izi. Each new izi customer who uses a promo code will also receive 5Gb immediately after SIM-card registration.

It is important to know:
1. Only new izi clients can activate promo code. Each client can activate only one promo code.
2. To get 5 Gb new client must activate promo code in the “Enter promo code” code window during registration.
3. izi customer does not get 5 Gb for using their own promo code, even when registrating a new izi number

Promo period till 31.12.21

To the app izi 📱

Perform three simple steps

Find promo code

Find your link with unique promo code in mobile application in the "Invite friends" section.

Invite friends

Send your link to a friend you want to invite.

Get 5 Gb bonus

Each of you gets 5 Gb after a friend uses a promo code activates the SIM card.