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Music, games, and mobile carrier without subscription fees and expiring packages

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Digital mobile carrier without a subscription

IZI – gigabytes, minutes, and SMS don't expire in a month. Do you only need data? Buy only data Need a SIM card? We will bring it for free

The regular bundles are something ancient and sad

Buy as many gigabytes and minutes as you want. Use it for as long as you want

Entertainment operator

What's the point of the Internet if there's nowhere to surf? The IZI app has radio, games, and other stuff for that. Download the app and use it even if you don't have an IZI number

Link to Android Apps on Google Play Link to App Store - Apple


Don’t waste your time, nobody has content like ours All is free, and all is IZI


Have fun, hang out, win – free and without ads



Tune in to the IZI vibe
Listen to radio 24/7



Watch the best movies directly in the IZI application



Earn bonus, change it to mobile connection



Get free gigabytes, share packages with your friends and family, and activate eSIM on your smartphone in the Store

eSIM second virtual number

eSIM second virtual number

Get an extra number on your device, even if there's no slot for a second SIM card



Call and surf the Internet at the same time

Free 30 GB for 7 days

Free 30 GB for 7 days

Rate the Internet from IZI with the biggest gigabyte package



Share gigabytes, minutes, and SMS with the five closest numbers

Invite friends

Invite friends

Make a friend an IZI subscriber and get bonus gigabytes. More friends – more gigabytes



Connect roaming and stay online abroad with handy gigabyte and minute packages

IZI meet

IZI meet

Watch lectures, talk to family, or meet with colleagues without any limits

IZI user stories

Instagram business

Instagram business

I have a small business with an Instagram showcase. My manager only calls and receives calls. So, in IZI I only buy minutes, and everything is ok. A lot of calls – I refill, l a little – minutes don’t expire. All is really IZI. Recently we also started streaming and unlimited packages for social networks help us much

The proper grandchild

The proper grandchild

After the pandemic, I really want to stay in touch with my family. I taught my oldies to make video calls, record voice messages and upload photos. I connected them to my PUMP and pay for used data. Auto pay from my card - everything is easy



I am studying and working part-time in shipping. I set up eSIM. I only pay for voice minutes to call clients and data to watch online lectures. The traffic is not expiring, I use the necessary unlimited packages and voice minutes – it comes out very convenient

Wifi Jedi

Wifi Jedi

I have a well-established daily route: home - work - school. Wi-Fi is everywhere. I just do not spend so much traffic, and I do not use SMS at all. Connected IZI and now the data does not go for three months. Two unlimited. Very beneficial

Swipe, look and have fun

Coverage Map

In some buildings and locations, the promo may be weaker than shown. Network quality is impacted by wall thickness, phone cover, interference from other carriers, and even the weather

What's the difference

  • 2G

    Messages are sent slowly. Photos and videos are almost never uploaded

  • 3G

    You can chat in comfort, photos are loaded a bit faster

  • 4G

    Photos and videos are uploaded without problems, you also can play online games

  • 4G+

    Very fast Internet, you can do anything